The Value of a Safe Workplace

Posted on 02 Apr, 2016

Is safety undervalued at your workplace? If so, why? Perhaps people aren’t sure how to follow through on safety recommendations? Maybe they lack a solid understanding of what is really involved in getting a safety system up and running, or maybe everyone is just “too busy”.

Whatever the reason, workplace safety requires motivated leaders to inspire their staff so that safety becomes a normal part of the work day. In some workplaces the hazards are high-risk so safety is overlaid into all aspects of the job. In other workplaces, the hazards to be found are more common place and relatively easy to manage. Whatever type of workplace you work in, ask yourself if the workers are aware of safety issues, if they are actively engaged in the safety process and then whether they are empowered to act.

Proactive Health and Safety is able to help create the safety awareness at your workplace, engage workers to participate in safety and to take the necessary action so that safety becomes a normal part of everyone’s day.