About Proactive Health & Safety

Proactive Health & Safety is a Sydney-based consultancy specialising in Workplace Health and Safety and Workplace Wellbeing. With over 20 years’ experience in the field, we have helped many businesses in both the public and private sector. Clients that have benefited from Proactive Health & Safety’s skills and experience have come from a variety of backgrounds including; automotive, healthcare, childcare and quarantine as well as many office-based businesses.

We deliver practical and actionable WHS training courses to help your business gain practical knowledge and skills. Our services can help you influence and empower your employees to normalise safe work practices, which helps to develop a positive safety culture. Increased safety awareness combined with a decrease in injuries can lead to lower workers compensation premiums.

We can also provide short or long-term consulting services to help with specific issues you may have in with WHS and or Wellbeing. The inclusion of a workplace wellbeing program can provide your workplace with the information, skills and motivation to improve the overall wellbeing of the workforce.

Our practice is informed by practical action and the imperative to link safety to worker health, productivity and business goals. Proactive Health & Safety delivers successful programs by integrating WHS practices and wellbeing concepts into everyday work tasks.

We help people at all levels of the business to understand their contribution to a safe and healthy workplace.